As dependency on the internet and cloud computing is increasing day by day, the demand for certified cybersecurity professionals is increasing.  If you are a tech enthusiastic person and want to pursue your career in cybersecurity, CCSP certification can open a new horizon for you.  Statistics show that an IT expert having a CCSP certification tends to be paid 35% more remuneration. 

Learning Outcome

Our CCSP course is designed to give you a complete understanding of cybersecurity. Our curriculum includes academic learning, professional training, and real-life cybersecurity problem-solving. We have designed our curriculum by maintaining ISO-27001, NIST, ENISA, and other international standards. In this course, you will learn ethical hacking, SQL injection, vulnerability assessment, footprinting, penetration testing, cyber law, and ethics, etc. You are going to learn this from the world’s leading cybersecurity professionals. 

Our CCSP course will provide you with advanced technical skills and knowledge to design, manage and secure data, applications, and infrastructure in cloud systems. It will ensure your competency and better remuneration in the cloud security job market. We have a team of CCSP professionals with more than a decade of experience. You will get hands-on experience of real-life cybersecurity problem solving collaborating with skilled coworkers. You will also have an opportunity to work in a multinational corporation that will leverage your expertise. 

Course Curriculum

Section 0- Welcome To CCSP Course
Welcome to CCSP Course Introductory Session 00:00:00
Section 1- Module 1 to 4
CCSP Module 1- Introduction to Ethical Hacking 00:00:00
CCSP Test 1 00:30:00
CCSP Module-2- Foot Printing and Enumeration 00:00:00
CCSP Test 2 00:30:00
CCSP Module-3- Security/ Penetration Operating System (OS) 00:00:00
CCSP Test 3 00:45:00
CCSP Module-4- Vulnerability Assessment and Scanning Segment -01 00:00:00
CCSP Test 4 00:45:00
Section 2- Module 5 to 8
CCSP Module -5- Vulnerability Assessment and Scanning Segment -02 00:00:00
CCSP Test 5 00:45:00
CCSP Module – 6- SQL Injection -01 (Introduction & Basic SQLi) 00:00:00
CCSP Test 6 00:45:00
CCSP Module – 7- SQL Injection 02 (Firewall & Firewall Bypassing Techniques) 00:00:00
CCSP Test 7 00:45:00
CCSP Module- 8- SQL Injection -03 (Getting Administrative Access) 00:00:00
CCSP Test 8 00:45:00
Section 3- Module 9 to 12
CCSP Module- 9- Cryptography and Steganography 00:00:00
CCSP Test 9 00:40:00
CCSP Module – 10- Common Web Application Vulnerabilities 00:00:00
CCSP Test 10 00:45:00
CCSP Module – 11- Penetration Testing Tools 00:00:00
CCSP Test 11 00:40:00
CCSP Module- 12- Basic operations of Metasploit Framework and System Hacking 00:00:00
CCSP Test 12 00:40:00
Section 4- Module 13 to 16
CCSP Module- 13- Phishing and Social Engineering Attacks 00:00:00
CCSP Test 13 00:40:00
CCSP Module- 14- Mobile Application Penetration Testing & Hacking Wireless Networks 00:00:00
CCSP Test 14 00:40:00
CCSP Module- 15- Vendor Certifications and Opportunities for Cyber Security Professionals 00:00:00
CCSP Test 15 00:40:00
CCSP Module- 16- Cyber Law and Ethics 00:00:00
CCSP Test 16 00:40:00
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